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Dr Cohens 1st Personal Diet

Dr Cohens 1st Personal Diet


Dr Cohenˊs 1st Personal Diet Centre, Pretoria East/South

The only diet that is based on your blood test results!


- No drugs or injections
- No artificial substances
- No calorie counting
- No hunger pangs
- No cravings
- No flabby or loose skin
- No demanding exercise


- Rapid fat loss (not muscle)
- Lowered high cholesterol
- Reduced high blood pressure
- Improved cellulite
- Increased energy and vitality
- Improves muscle tone
- Increased skin elasticity

About Dr. Cohen

Dr. R. Cohen MD. F.C.O.G. (Wits) S.A. started his medical career in the field of Cardiology and later specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology (particularly infertility). He led the internationally recognized Wits Medical Schools first Test Tube Program (in vitro fertilization) for 4 years and brought happiness to many infertile couples by giving them the joy of becoming parents to healthy test tube babies. While conducting this work, Dr. Cohen encountered the problem of obesity. This led him to over 3 years of international nutritional research and the launching of his now world-famous Dr. Cohens 1st Personal Diet. Over the years, Dr. Cohen has helped thousands of overweight customers from around the world. Today, Dr. Cohen has clinics all over the world.


Dr. Cohenˊs research involved isolating the hormones involved in obese and overweight people. The conclusion was that obesity is a disease caused by a metabolic problem arising out of hormonal imbalance. More information on the research can be found below under HGH Hormone and its role in Dr. Cohenˊs Diet.

The Solution

Dr. Cohen wanted to find a healthy and natural solution to the hormonal imbalance. Over a number of years, Dr. Cohen conducted tests on many different foods to better understand their impact on hormonal imbalance. Dr. Cohenˊs conclusion from these tests was that with the right combination of foods, the hormonal imbalance can be targeted and obesity could be controlled.

About the Dr. Cohenˊs Rapid Fat loss, Weight Loss, & Wellness Program

Dr. Cohenˊs program is a rapid fat and weight loss diet that works in a fast yet healthy way. The program is based on a balanced eating plan. It does not require specially ordered foods or pills but instead, allows the customer to use the foods that are already available to him or her. Such foods include red and white meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products.

How It Works

- By looking at blood test results, Dr. Cohen will assess and monitor with each clients eating plan personally.
- Once clients receive their eating plans, they will begin to rapidly lose fat and weight in a healthy way.
- The balanced eating plan will also assist in firming muscles and toning the body.
- Clients will be continuously monitored throughout the diet.

HGH Hormone and its role in Dr. Cohenˊs Program

Work on the Human Growth Hormone started in the early 1970's and has remained at the medical forefront as one of the most important hormones in the body. Briefly, HGH is responsible for:

- The regeneration and preservation of body, organ and muscle tissue
- The breaking down of fat in the body
-The normalizing of blood pressure
-The return of youthful vitality, energy & stamina
-The improvement of cholesterol and more...

The other hormonal players include:

-Insulin (which regulates blood sugar levels) and,
- Serotonin (which controls the craving for food... especially starches) and when stimulated creates a remarkable sense of wellbeing.
-In people who suffer from obesity (those who are overweight):
-There is a high resistance to Insulin.
-There is a reduction in brain Serotonin level.

Through years of careful research, Dr. Cohen created the 1st Personal Diet and now helps people from all over the world.

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